The Final Farewell!

My friends, the time has come to officially say goodbye to the Zombie Pixel, it’s been fun but it’s time for me to refocus and time for a change. Much of the Zombie Pixel was in the same vein as my last blog and it ended as expected, terrible reviews that were more just glossing … Continue reading The Final Farewell!

Saying Farewell, Mostly

All things must eventually come to an end, both the good and the bad, with that said and after a great deal of thought I’ve decided to put an end to “The Zombie Pixel”. I’ve spent years trying to cater to what I felt was what people wanted and to be honest, right now in … Continue reading Saying Farewell, Mostly

Group Up with Republic Commando

Released: 2005 Platform: Xbox/PC/Mobile First off, happy May 4th folks! Now there have been a lot of Star Wars games over the years and for the most part a lot of them have sucked but occasionally, a game is released that is truly epic in many ways, Republic Commando my friends, is one of those … Continue reading Group Up with Republic Commando